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SplashZen Replacement Part - Rectangles with Sticky Pads

SplashZen Replacement Part - Rectangles with Sticky Pads

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A set of two (2) replacement rectangles with sticky pads for the SplashZen bathtub splash guard; these are used to attach the guard to the wall of the tub.

Most users who purchase this item need to stick their SplashZen to a new surface — for example, if they move homes or switch their child(ren) to a different bathtub. 

To learn how to install and use this product, visit the instruction page. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Diana Devers
Best product

Got it for free as a collab would have never thought to buy it but now it’s my go to gift for ppl with kids or dogs and I got my self a second one as well as extre stickes just in case. ❤️

Penny Van Zanten
Wonderful bath screen

This is a great product, just watch the installations.


I had to buy a second set it didnt stick to well the first time also ur instructions in the video dont show to well make sure its in a flat no crevases or it wont hold i am hoping it dont unstick again

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