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SplashZen Shower & Bath Shelves

SplashZen Shower & Bath Shelves

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Need a way to keep your shower or bath products organized and accessible at the perfect height? Look no further than this 2-pack of easy-to-install shelves! 

  • The shelves are sturdy, waterproof, and can be installed on any flat surface with the included sticky pads — no drilling required.
  • Get a small and a large shelf for one low price.
  • They can hold a lot, including large, heavy products, without budging.
  • Add hooks (included) on the bottom to hang additional items for even more convenience.
  • Water drains out from the bottom so the shelves stay clean day after day. 
Shower and bath shelves installation instructions in detail
Dimensions small shelf 14CM by 26 CM, large shelf 14CM by 36 CM

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

This is the perfect product for my kids' shower that doesn't have anywhere to put shampoo. It's so secure and big enough for all the product we use!

Prieta M.
Perfect Fit for Tall People!

I'm tall and I loved being able to put this at my exact height! Easy to install, too.

Zara Morelos
Shower HACK my friends

Shower HACK my friends, it holds it all and the hooks are dope. I like that the water drains out the botton too, cuz it doesn't get yucky standing water hanging out on the bottom of it.

Holds it all (and then some)

I have LOTS of shower products. It's my happy place LOL. These hold them all (and then some!) And I can hang my loofah and face scrubber on the hooks. Great product :)

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