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SplashZen Splash Strip 3-Pack

SplashZen Splash Strip 3-Pack

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The new and improved version of our splash strip, which runs along the edge of your tub, keeps water from coming out under your SplashZen for Kids or SplashZen for Dogs product.

This version has a micro-suction tape that runs along the bottom. When applied to a clean, dry bathtub or shower surface, it sticks.

3 strips, running side-by-side, are needed to cover the length of most bathtubs. One of the strips at the end can be cut short to fit the exact length of your tub. 

Customer Reviews

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Lauren Flint

SplashZen Splash Strip 3-Pack

Sylvia Jordan
Good idea BUT

Fell off within one week.


I'm so sorry your SplashZen fell off! This is definitely not normal. If you email us (, we'd be happy to send you a new set of stickers for free to try again.

- Rodney, SplashZen Inventor

Jason Bratter
Much better

After initially buying it I was disappointed. I left a review about how the suction cup water barrier didn’t work. I’m not sure who reached out to me but, I was sent a newer version of the barrier that doesn’t have suction cups and it works great and looks a lot better as well. Very satisfied now. Thank you.

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